Sunday, November 4, 2018

Lily and Skittle

I have two dogs that I adore. They are Boxer-Malinois mixes and they fill our lives with joy. Several years ago, I asked Saiph to draw me a tattoo of the two of them, so I could get them tattooed on my shoulder opposite of Ashke (which she also drew). Yesterday, I got them put on my body.

Saiph’s art work from a couple of years ago.

Mom went with me and confirmed the placement of the art on my arm.
Lily was on top with Skittle set a little off to one side on the bottom.
Saiph actually drew it as two separate pieces and then I put them together to form the final shape.

This is my fifth tattoo and it hurt. It hurt more than the one I had done of Ashke.
The top of Lily’s ear was exceedingly painful.

I used the same artist that did Tristan’s half sleeve.
She took Saiph’s drawing and traced it into a frame work for the tattoo.
This is the art on my arm after the lines were finished.

On the table waiting for the fill work to get started.

I had also sent her actual pictures of the dogs in the sunshine so she would have a really good idea of what they looked like.
Last thing I wanted was to have the dogs not look like themselves or Saiph’s drawing.
The artist also had to work around my smallpox vaccine scar and a mole. She positioned the stencil so that the amount of the tattoo effected by those two skin imperfections was minimal.

Saiph’s response when I sent her the pic was “OMG IT’S JUST LIKE MY DRAWINGS”


  1. It is a really cool drawing/tatoo!

    1. It really is and it looks just like my dogs.

  2. I just can't get over how much it looks like the originals! She did a gorgeous job!!!

    1. She did. I just wish I hadn't gotten a slight infection, because it's still pretty pissed off five days later.

  3. Amazing artistry!

    I wanted to ask you to look at my blog today cuz I have a few pics of my heart horse Baasha and I think he resembles the Straight Egyptian Ashke in them. And I put a Colorado reference in there because you make showing in CO look like a blast. HUGE arenas, repeatedly, looking like they really were built with horses in mind.

    This image looks so much like your dogs it's unbelievable.


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