Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Clothing Blog Hop

Saiph A from Wait for the Jump started this . . .

I run hot.

(Thank you, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Now back to our regular show.)

Most of the time, I can tolerate temps in the upper 40's before putting on a long sleeve shirt and a long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt will keep me comfortable when riding in the indoor, on most days. However, that said, I do want to trail ride in the snow and for that I must bundle up.

For Christmas I am getting:

             -- Winter riding gloves from Dover (I think). They have the reinforcement for the pinky and almost pinky finger where the reins rest, they are waterproof and have leather, no-slip palms and lined with fleece. They are very snug around the wrist, which is awesome, since the wind and snow can't blow in.

            -- Headband for wearing under my new helmet

            -- Irideon Polartec Power Stretch knee-patch breeches in black (Oooooo.)

            -- I have insulated Northface boots I can wear, which I haven't broken out yet, but will going forward, especially out on the trail. Those with my half-chaps should be perfect.

            -- I have a thermal henley under a Halo Noble Team sweatshirt with a Carhart jacket. (Swear to you, if you've never worn a Carhart for riding you are missing out. It is my go-to jacket for the Bronco stadium when the weather is going to be cold. My feet and hands might freeze, but my core stays warm. Buy one. They are worth more than gold. Better than Northface even.)

In Colorado you always have to layer, because you just never know what you are going to get.


  1. You have the best sense of humor. I need to check out these Carhart jackets. You're the third person I hear talk about them and their awesomeness. Oooo Irideon Polartec indeed! Let us know how you like them! Irideon is my #1 favorite brand of riding pants. Their prices, however, are not my favorites!

    Quick clarification: Emmi at is the one that started this; I was just following her blog hop. :) Participants just have to link to her post ( and let her know in the comments that they are participating so she can add them to the list.

  2. I am also in Colorado, and yep..layers. Always the layers. Getting dressed and undressed is a royal pain, but it pays off in between. You also learn real quick how to pee efficently with all the layers, or you just don't drink a lot! Haha! I also agree about Carhartts! Have you ever tried the bibs? Not for riding, but they are so much better then any nylon/waterproof/ski/snowboard/whatever they sell. Plus, they don't swish when you move!

  3. Great post, thank you for participating! And even though Saiph already clarified I was the one who started the tag. I will add your post!


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