Wednesday, October 16, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I received my birthday present yesterday. Back on Track back warmer pad. In retrospect, I'm not sure it's supposed to be used as a saddle pad, because it has a wide velcro strip down the center. However, the velcro strip fits up under the saddle and doesn't impact his back. I rode him with it as the saddle pad and rump rug. I love the thickness and how warm it kept the muscles on his back.
It worked. Or at least it seemed to work. He was loose and relaxed and moved well, with propulsion. We rode for a good forty-five minutes and he was perfect. Not a single short stride.
We have another dressage lesson tonight, so we will see how he does.


  1. You are correct, they actually have an extended saddle pad, the one you received is meant for blankets.

  2. Yeah, that's to put on your horse's back after a ride or with a blanket. Still if it work sit works!

  3. I'm not the first to err this way . . . one of the recommendations on BOT's website used it the same way I am going to and they didn't report any issues. I really like the feel of the blanket versus the saddle pad (N has a dressage saddle pad from them). We looked at using both this rug and a saddle pad, but honestly I don't think I need it. It is exactly the right length for the portion of his back I want to cover.


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