Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

Ashke loves bran mash with carrots and peppermints. He expects it when I put him away now.

Once all of the old hay was cleared out of his feed bin, he has been cleaning up all of his feed.

We could see the edges of his ribs through his winter coat as he was lunging on Sunday.

My saddle looks awesome! Super soft and very clean. It only took six or so hours to soap and oil it.

We left the horse soccer ball in the tack room on my box so I have it if we want to play.

I need to define a work-out plan for Ashke, to increase stamina, develop his top-line, balance his canter.

Need to work on circles and serpentines.

I'm going back to the running martingale for now. He is not so head high and responds better to my commands.

I may try to go without it again at some point. It is just a tool, not a critique of my riding ability.

I'm going to plan on going to the barn directly from work tonight. Going home first puts a huge crimp in our time.

Tomorrow is the farrier. Can't wait to see what she thinks of his feet. Can't wait to see what a difference it makes in his gait.

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