Monday, November 18, 2019

5 Days

The biggest issue I have faced this year has been fitting in time for Ashke around the craziness of divorce, house shopping, tending to hearts and souls, moving. Some weeks, my lesson was my only ride, and there were some weeks where we didn’t even get that done. It’s not a surprise that Ashke has lost some muscle and topline.

This week we rode five days: Sunday, Tuesday, Weds, Friday and Saturday. I think this will be our riding schedule going forward. Saturday was a “resting work” day and we went out in the bareback pad.

He already looks better.
And he got a trace clip because he was getting a little warm, plus his hair pulls where the girth runs.


  1. IT's hard when the horse has to take a back seat to life stuff. But he looks good and soon you will be back at it.

  2. five days a week, damn, you're determined! I'm lucky if I get in 2 rides! His face is so cute, and good job on the clip (at least from this distance!)


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