Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I love this truck and I love that I added the Marvel logo to her hood.

 And to the tailgate for good measure.
If you haven't seen Captain Marvel, you should.
Marvel is cutting edge on strong female characters.

 The front range view from the barn.
Magical doesn't begin to cover it.

Barn family supporting Gail and Squish in accomplishing their qualifying scores for RMDS Championships.

 Handwalking and searching for fresh alfalfa

 He does look pretty in red, even though it is not my favorite.

 Last ride before the injections

A bit of grass after every ride

Lily crashed on my bed.


  1. Nice photos. I loved Captain Marvel! I hope to see more of this character.

  2. Dang you have good taste in cars. Outback, now this. I'm a closet car enthusiast, I just really care about cars. Like, that they're japanese, even though I'm in freakin Germany.

    1. I'm so happy with the Tacoma, I can't even say how happy it makes me. I'm also really thankful that I traded the Outback in when I did, since it is now under recall. I wanted to trade it in, primarily because the issues I was seeing made me feel like there was an underlying problem in the electrical/battery/navigation system somewhere. I shouldn't be having those types of issues with a car that was only two years old. I just lucked out that the Tacoma gets better gas mileage (Outback has a Boxer engine from Germany that is reliable but inefficient).