Friday, April 5, 2019

So Many Changes

I am struggling to come to this space right now, mostly because I feel I must edit what is on my mind the most this spring. Suffice it to say, I am doing okay. Not great and it ebbs and flows with each day, but moving forward one step at a time. Ashke is doing awesome and our connection gets deeper with each day. He seems to love what we are working on, and I am excited to show him in our first show the first weekend in May.

Until then, here are some pics:

Lily posing for her picture in bed with me in the morning

Amanda keeping the boy warm before our lesson on Weds.

Two of my very favorite creatures on earth

Billie, born on the 24th, finally let me touch her

Putting everything in her mouth, just like any other Bebe.


  1. I hope that things are okay. IT's wonderful that you have such beautiful creatures around you.

  2. Horses are good for our hearts, take care of yours.


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