Thursday, January 26, 2017


All the things.

I have been completely unchained, unwound, undone, since my last post.
The slightest hint of kindness and I am in tears. 
This too will pass, but until then, enjoy some pictures of my life.

 45 seconds after Tim Tebow threw an 80 yard pass to Demarius Thomas in OT, to win the AFC Wild Card game against the Steelers.
"The crowd has lost it's mind"

Stock Show 
Big and Green

The T.

The Oregon coast


Lily and Skittle.
First day home.
There was poop everywhere.

Lily and her soulmate

Skittle is very worried about the jacket

I bought Ashke a squeeky chicken.
Ashke didn't like it so I gave it to Lily.

Early Saturday morning

 The Dover Blankets are awesome

 My Heart


Another Early Morning


Four Wisdom Teeth Gone

 Typical Saturday night



Cave of the Winds - Terrordactyl

 The dog with all of the balls wins!

 T - posted on Snapchat to his friends on Father's Day
I love his sense of humor

 So seriously.



 They are like Lays.
You can't have just one


 Andrea Bocelli

 I don't know why no one comes to visit.

 It's contagious.

So sweet


 They used to be small enough to lay across the back of the chair.

A wonderful day


  1. My heart is with you, I understand this feeling as well thought from a different angle. We gotta keep fighting.

    On a sidenote, we've been listening to a lot of pogues in our house too, T has been reading Shane's autobiography.

  2. You have a beautiful family. <3

  3. I loved this. The level of despair I have been in the last few days is bottomless. And it has been accompanied by a migraine that will not stop. Love you, lady.

    1. Love you back! I've been dealing with a low grade migraine.

  4. So sorry you're feeling so blue. Love and hugs from me and Eddy, wishing there was something we could do. Hang in there.