Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanks Full

Thursday, which was Stuff-yourself-day, I spent cooking and watching TV. The cooking was followed by watching my almost seventeen year old eat five plates of food in eight hours. And not small plates of food. The part of me that exalts in feeding others was temporarily satisfied with the amount of food consumed and astounded when he finally announced he was full. I was beginning to worry he would eat all of the leftovers without stopping to breathe. Then he proceeded to sleep for twelve hours. I guess that's what happens when you consume half of a 18 lb turkey, at an average of a little more than a pound an hour.

J and I decided to do a short ride from Adams County Fairgrounds along the South Platte. It was close and an easy trail, considering we were both food lagged from the day before. Ashke was excited and interested in being out and my focus was on letting him move at whatever pace he picked for the duration of the ride. It took almost an hour of riding to get him loose and the sound of his hooves back to normal. The right hind "plops" onto the ground when his right hamstring is stiff and sore. The trail was closed south of the platte so we just tooled around the trails that were open. Managed nine miles in two hours without rushing at all.

The race up the riverbank toward J was so much fun I had to do it twice. He was feeling very good at this point, since he bolted into a hand gallop coming up the bank.

It was wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable to be able to ride in shirtsleeve weather Thanksgiving weekend. It looks like winter might be making its way into the state in the next week or so, so I rode fully cognizant that this might be the last shirtsleeved ride until next spring.

We hauled back to the barn, unloaded and said goodbye to the boy. We got home in time to meet Tia, who came up for the weekend. We went to see the Accountant (made my top ten movies of all time - a most excellent film) and had dinner at 3 Margaritas. The high point of my night was when T, who had NOT wanted to see the film and had instead been arguing we should see Fantastic Beasts again, turned to me and said it was better than FB. He wants to go see it again. It is almost good enough to spend the money on to see twice in the theater. It was a good day for all of my peeps.

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  1. Damn! Half an 18lb turkey! I didn't eat as much as I have in the past, but I was the less mobile I've ever been so probably the caloric damage was the same to my body. The accountant, I haven't heard of it but I'll go check out a trailer.