Monday, October 8, 2012

Will Things Ever Get Better?

I don't remember it being so hard when I was a kid to have a healthy horse. It seemed like Queenie was always ready to go whenever I was. I remember one time when she had sore feet and needed shoes. Another time when she had equine influenza and we missed the State Fair. Other than that it seemed like she got pregnant, had babies, went on trail rides, went to shows, etc. and never had any issues.

Poor Ashke has had the following:
  • Horrible malnutrition
  • Lameness on front feet
  • Tie-up on right haunch
  • Colic twice
  • Lameness in front shoulder
  • Swollen back left fetlock to hock
  • Nicks and dings from casting in stall
  • Scrapped nose
  • Scrap over eye
  • Sore back
  • Weak buttocks
  • Weak back
I am beginning to despair of him ever coming right.

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