Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cankle . . .

Look at what I found when I got to the barn today. Cankle. Ashke had a dark smudge on the outside of his back left fetlock, which was swollen from hoof to above the hock. Instead of starting him in the Pessoa, we backed off and spent 45 minutes or so icing it with the hose. Water was cold. The swelling dropped immediately out of the hock and cannon bone. He was still a bit swollen at the fetlock and pasturn when I put him away. Nicole shared her Bute with me (anti-inflammatory, pain med) which I need to purchase next time I see the vet. We gave him one gram with his carrots. It's peppermint flavored so the boy is very happy, if still swollen.

We think he either nicked himself in his stall or maybe ticked it during turn-out yesterday with Callie and Stoli. When it was wet it was easy to see the bruise on that side of his fetlock so we are pretty sure that's what happened.

In good news, I found the stable of my dreams. It's amazing. A huge indoor arena, three round pens, a crosscountry course, three outdoor arenas, box stall with a run, free blanketing, turnout, fed four times a day (8, 12, 4, 8) and access to hundreds of miles of trail. It's located at the base of Table Mountain and you can ride directly off the property onto Table Mountain. A block down the road is access to Van Bibber Creek trail which goes for hours, so for a hopeful endurance horse it would be perfect. They also do summer camp there, they have a swimming pool for the use of boarders, and a lot of open land so it would be great for T. The trainer there also does riding lessons for $40. Whoop. There it is.

I'm in love. I talked to Nicole and we are going to go out and tour the barn with the barn manager on the 20th.

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