Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gave Notice

Yesterday, at the end of the party at the barn to say goodbye to Chris, I walked out and told Grace and Robyn that I was giving my notice. I confirmed that we would be out of the barn on the 1st. I told them my primary reason was the trail access and they seemed okay with that. I honestly don't think either of them really cared.

So, now I want to show you why I wanted to move (politics aside):

Looking out at Table Mountain with the outdoor paddocks in the foreground. Looking South.

Looking West and South from the same spot (basically). Turn out pasture in the foreground.

The runs. Ashke on the left and Callie will be on the right.

The row of runs on "our" side of the barn.

 The round pen.

Three horse wash rack. They also have one inside with heated water, but its nice to have the outdoor one during the summer.

Standing in the small cross country area looking at the indoor arena and the outdoor arenas.

The South side of the indoor arena

The North side of the indoor. The clubhouse has free wifi. Heated with windows for viewing the arena. The arena is 3 or 4 times larger than the one at Christensen.

Nicole's finance told her she was being silly worrying about the new barn, since it was gorgeous and a complete upgrade. I think that helped put her mind at ease. Not that she could do much, since she had already signed the papers.

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