Monday, June 17, 2019

Post Injections

We injected both top and bottom joints on both hocks on the 6th of June. He got four days of hand walking and bute, then moved slowly back into work. I made the decision, based on how he was moving (and the suggestion from Saiph), to go to Previcox daily to help with inflammation until the left hock has fused. He has been moving better and better each ride.

Sunday we were in the outdoor and I talked Flambe into taking video:

The aid is now as slight as relaxing my outside leg and shifting my weight slightly. I do need to get him straighter going from right to left, so he doesn't feel the need to throw his body around as much to get the bend.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I love this truck and I love that I added the Marvel logo to her hood.

 And to the tailgate for good measure.
If you haven't seen Captain Marvel, you should.
Marvel is cutting edge on strong female characters.

 The front range view from the barn.
Magical doesn't begin to cover it.

Barn family supporting Gail and Squish in accomplishing their qualifying scores for RMDS Championships.

 Handwalking and searching for fresh alfalfa

 He does look pretty in red, even though it is not my favorite.

 Last ride before the injections

A bit of grass after every ride

Lily crashed on my bed.

Monday, June 10, 2019


To answer Lytha's question, Ashke has been lame for the past three weeks or so, with the lameness getting more pronounced as we went along. Two weeks ago, I scheduled Dr Scott to come out and do injections again. Granted it has only been four months, however, he is really favoring his left hind (which is the opposite leg from where almost all of our issues have stemmed from). Doc came out last Thursday and did an evaluation of his gait and was amazed that it was definitely his left hock.

Dopey horse is dopey.

The good news is that the right hock seems to have fused (which explains why he is suddenly favoring the left) and we will need to do x-rays next time before we do more injections. Doc did both the upper and lower joints in both and Ashke has had the weekend off, with handwalking and Bute.

 Not wanting to weight the left hind. This tendency is why the left hind hoof looks different from the other three. He has been favoring it for at least six weeks.

I washed him off before the injections (he was a mud colored brown) and got his hocks pretty clean. Doc scrubbed with betadyne and alcohol for a significant length of time prior to injections.

Beginning to wake up. He was not happy he wasn't being fed with the rest of the horses.

I think this week I will talk to Amanda about flying vs simple changes when it comes to the hocks. It may be that I will need to show L4 for the rest of this year to take some of the pressure off that hock until it is closer to being fused. We will see what happens.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


The Skittle Bug on a mission to run on fresh grass.

The Lily Bear always on alert.

Here he is in the flesh. We are dealing with some issues, mostly in his left hock, so injections are scheduled for Thursday.

From the side. His back is so strong and his shoulder is amazing. Too bad it doesn't show well in this photo.

Ashke was not as amused as I was at the conversation between me and a friend.

I am slowly but surely moving forward and hope to be back to this space on a regular basis. I am taking it one day at a time and can see an end to the process that I am going through, although there is still a lot to do between where I am and where I am going to end up. Tristan and his gf are doing great, Ashke has some issues but we are addressing, Lily and Skittle are happy dogs. I am surviving.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

First Show: Intermediate B

Saturday was the first show of the season. I opted on Friday night not to show on Saturday. Too many things had gone wrong on Saturday (buying a new club printer at 9 pm at night because the one we’ve been using had given up the ghost) and I was in a very emotional state. I decided that it would be in the best interest of Ashke and my relationship to not bring him into my emotional mess. It was a wise decision. I was too tired and too unsettled for that to have been a good riding day for either of us. Instead, I spent the day managing the show, which was actually a good decision, for our first show. It will get easier going forward.

Sunday started with a warm water rinse for Ashke, since he decided that rolling in the dirt on Saturday was a great way to keep himself clean. He walked right on the trailer, stood mostly quietly at the trailer all day and was a great companion. He was clearly worried about me, but seemed happy to be showing. His relaxation improves with each adventure.

Note to self: it is recommended to actually ride your brand new to you dressage test in a regulation court prior to the show. Same thing can be said about the EOH course as well.

There were some really good moments. That said, I really need to have Amanda set out a specific series of things for us to do during warm up, so that I'm not floundering around wondering if I have done too much or too little. I want him warm, relaxed but not tired going into the court.

I have to laugh at some of the comments, because my running commentary inside my head is actually funnier in light of the comments. Maybe I will do a spoof and change the comments to what I am thinking during the ride. The part that really sticks out to me is the 10m serpentine after the first leg yield. I don't know why I have such a hard time riding that particular exercise, but I was two strides past E when I realized I should be turning.

Doreen was very complementary on the condition of my horse and how much his topline has improved since we rode for her two years ago. That was really the turning point for me in terms of how I was expecting him to go, plus that was the last show we rode in a bit other than the Garcia. We have both improved immensely, but that was definitely the turning point. I thought that my score was exceedingly fair and was very happy with our first show. There is plenty to work on, but that is part of the journey.

Probably the biggest change, was my lack of anxiety about showing. I actually felt pretty calm and okay. I did use an inhaler, since my chest has been tight due to everything blooming at once.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Maiden Voyage

And I didn’t even get a picture. However, I did hook up Marvel to the Maverick and hauled Ashke to Circle Star Arena for a Tarrin Warren Clinic.

Do you see that blue hash mark in the middle of the center blue line?
That would be a hitch guide.
Yowza!! I love my truck.

Tarrin had me work on really small circles.
One handed.
Because she is a sadist.

He had a much harder time bending to the right.
Not a surprise.
This has been a chronic issue.

Tarrin had me walk forward. Halt. Back around the corner then canter off.
Ashke was a little frustrated by the whole thing.
He really hates not having the answer.

We ended on a good note.

I am only sharing the best of our practice.
My riding was pretty shit, but Ashke forgave me.

Second fairly good video of the double slalom.
There was much fail.

The clips from working the single slalom.

We were both pretty wiped when we were done. Ashke was a trooper and tried very hard for me, even when he wasn’t sure of the answer.

Friday, April 5, 2019

So Many Changes

I am struggling to come to this space right now, mostly because I feel I must edit what is on my mind the most this spring. Suffice it to say, I am doing okay. Not great and it ebbs and flows with each day, but moving forward one step at a time. Ashke is doing awesome and our connection gets deeper with each day. He seems to love what we are working on, and I am excited to show him in our first show the first weekend in May.

Until then, here are some pics:

Lily posing for her picture in bed with me in the morning

Amanda keeping the boy warm before our lesson on Weds.

Two of my very favorite creatures on earth

Billie, born on the 24th, finally let me touch her

Putting everything in her mouth, just like any other Bebe.