Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How He Got . . .

. . . his name.

I discovered the farm Thee Ashke was bred from prior to meeting him and the breeder sent me a video of his daddy, Thee Asil. I had picked out his name before meeting him as well, and when the breeder sent me the paperwork to register him she included a printed pedigree with his Name.

Thee Ashke.

Thee was from his daddy, obviously. But the Ashke took a few minutes. To explain, I need to share some . . . .

I am a bibliophile. I love to read and collect books of all kinds. In fact, I think the kindle is one of the best things ever, since I can carry all of my collection with me. I am especially fond of fantasy. One of the best series I read in the early nineties was a series by Mercedes Lackey - the Herald-Mage series starring Vanyel Ashkevron. (Do you see the Ashke?) Ashkevron can be shortened to make Ashke, which is a word that means Beloved in Lackey's world.

When I was searching for the right name, I knew I wanted to use Thee, to indicate lineage with Thee Asil and Thee Desperado. I knew I didn't want to call him Ahboo, mostly to get rid of the horrible memories that would go with that name. Then it came to me like a flash of light in my mind. Ashke. From the Herald-Mage series. I liked Ashke, because it sounds like a combination of Asil and Keishta, and it meant Beloved to me.

So, Thee Ashke means The Beloved. And it sounds a like Arab to boot. FTW on all levels.

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