Sunday, October 21, 2012

Letting Him Move

The vet said two weeks no work and no stress. Ashke has spent the last week following me around, nudging me with his nose, and generally being silly. He is acting antsy so I took him out to the round pen and let him move around a bit. He was completely relaxed and was paying a ton of attention to Lacie in the big arena instead of what was going on in the round pen. Callie was gone to Niwot for a lesson and a bit of riding. I was supposed to go, but then we were told no work. Nicole is supposed to have video and pics that I will post later.

I also think I figured something out.

Do you see the 'Tude?

He's lifting his front feet nicely.

He looks to me like he keeps switching his lead in the back, so he is cross-cantering, which explains why it feels so rough when I am riding him.

When I got to the barn, Nicole was already there. As I was walking down the aisle toward her, talking, Ashke heard me and bellowed his greeting. Nicole commented about how he only greets me that way and that Callie doesn't even whinny at her that way. Then the three of us walked over to Callie. Nicole called her and Callie came walking into the stall from her run. When she reached the curtain that separates the stall from the outside run, she whinnied. I laughed and Nicole said, very dryly, "She's whinnying for Ashke, not me." Made me laugh harder. 

Thinking of trying horse soccer for Ashke. I think he might like it.


  1. He is cross cantering! And he did it both directions. But it looks like on the right lead he crossed in back when he was starting to slow down (right at the end of the clip) On the left lead, one time it looked like he did it when he was turning his body out (to look at something outside the ring?) But he did it much more on the left, could be a strength issue? In the canter the off hind leg supports all the weight briefly right after landing. The leading hind leg hits with the diagonal front leg, and the leading front leg pushes off. The horse is completely in the air and then lands again on the off hind leg. (his right leg on the left lead.)

  2. Good to know I'm not going crazy. It explains so much. We have an appointment with the chiropractor on the 17th, so we can see if it's a structural thing. Then we should be able to start with the Pessoa system to help strengthen his back and hips.