Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super Sunday . . .

Today we found and purchased the Lysine supplement by Vita-flex. I really hope it helps with both the immuno-issues and to build muscle. I would love to see some muscle over his haunches going forward. Lysine is an amino acid that is necessary for protein utilization. Ashke is on 20 grams of pure Lysine one time a day.

According to Vita-flex:
Inadequate intake of protein or required amino acids by mature horses may lead to reduced feed intake, body tissue loss, poor hair coat, and reduced hoof growth. The calculation of the crude protein percentage of the horse’s diet is based on many pounds of feed. Pure Lysine is so concentrated, just a few grams each day can dramatically improve the availability of the rest of the protein in the diet. Because lysine is only one of the more than twenty amino acids found in proteins, Pure Lysine improves protein value without overloading the horse with excessive amounts of crude protein.

When we went to Ace to get the Lysine, they had a blanket we thought might work with the saddle. It didn't work. Elevating the pommel seems to aggravate the issue with the weight of the saddle being on the cantle, which lays across his kidneys. I am going to take out the epipedic pad again and see how that feels. And return the sheepskin pad from Ace.

 We went to the barn and pampered our Prince. He was very swollen on the left side, which was really obvious from behind. His left hip was much more swollen then it was yesterday. His leg looked a little swollen and his chest was larger on the left side. After we groomed him, J and I took him for a walk, which was more of a grazing tour than a walk. We let him dictate the pace. There was lots of good grass on the edges of the road and he wasn't interested in going past the barn on the road. In fact, he really wanted to hang out with Lacey, who was in the field and came to the fence next to him.

After our wandering walk, Ashke came back to the stall to find this:

He eats candy the same way T does - trying to chew it with his teeth. I love watching his tongue.

It was his turn to be in the field, but I couldn't come out to put him and Callie back in at five. Grace asked me if I was going to turn him out and I told her I couldn't come back to put them away. Katie offered to put them back in their stalls at 5, so after all of that Ashke got to go back outside in the field. He has crunchy treats and his peppermint lick waiting for him when he goes back inside.

Life is so tough for our Prince.

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