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Background . . .

I decided I needed to give some background on Ashke's breeding and history so that the negative parts of his past are glossed over and his incredible breeding and beginning are high-lighted.

Thee Ashke was born on a farm in Texas called Arabians Ltd on April 17, 2005. This farm breeds Straight Egyptian Arabians. Arabians Ltd has been in the business of breeding for 33 years and according to their website: The Arabians Ltd. facility features 140 acres of oak-studded pastures in central Texas that includes show and stallion barns, a training facility, and a world class mare care operation with round-the-clock attendants for broodmares and their babies.

So what makes the Straight Egyptian Arabian so special, you ask.

...on the merciless terrain of the Arabian Desert, he was bred for strength, bred to last. Loyal in battle, he was a prized warhorse. Blessed with affection of women and children in the black tents of Bedouin families, he was ever kind and loving.

King-maker of the East, the Arabian horse altered human history and reshaped the face of the world. Harnessing horse to chariot, the Pharaohs of the Nile Valley dazzled a world far beyond their own borders...
...on seal rings and stone pillars; in tombs and temples… from Egyptian hieroglyphics to sacred scriptures… history bears witness to his majesty and strength. Thou shallst fly without wings and conquer without swords, quotes the noble Qur’an. The Egyptian Arabian horse is a legendary animal, in all its beauty ... the early 19th century, the ruling families of Egypt gathered the finest horses from the deserts of Arabia and brought them to the land of the Pyramids. This extraordinary collection, unrivaled since the time of King Solomon, became the foundation for the modern-day Egyptian Arabian...
...between 1895 and the mid-1980’s, some of the finest Arabians to be found along the Nile were exported to the United States. Those individuals and their desert ancestors form the nucleus of the Egyptian Arabian bloodlines in present-day North America. Today, horses from these rare and treasured bloodlines are carefully preserved to retain their unique qualities and a classic refinement valued worldwide.

Straight Egyptian Arabians as we know them today reach back to the mares and stallions of Viceroy Mohammed Ali and his grandson Abbas Pasha I. Authentic and pure… they came in unbroken line from Bedouin tribes in the Arabian deserts ...(From the Pyramid Society webpage)

Thee Ashke is bred from the lines that were imported into North America and Arabians Ltd. is a member of The Pyramid Society, which is an organization that protects the bloodlines started by the Viceroy and Abbas Pasha I.

Thee Ashke's sire is Thee Asil:

Photo from Arabians Ltd.

His mama is Bint Kieshta, and as far as I can tell, there are no existing photos of her. According to the manager at Arabians Ltd, Thee Ashke looks just like his mother. So, in a sense, we know exactly what she looked like.

So, Ashke was raised at Arabians Ltd until he was sold. Here is that part of his story. . . .

Hello, I ride endurance in the Central Region. I rarely ever post, but know a few of ya'll on this list. I thought someone out there might be interested in this or know someone who might be. One of my
neighbors who raise quarterhorses recently purchased a couple of straight Egyptian Arab geldings for her daughter. (She is into barrel racing, however, and decided she didn't really want the Arabians
after all.) Anyhow she contacted me since she knew that I had Arabs and thought I might be interested or know of someone who was. I purchased one of them from her and the other she is offering for sale CHEAP. ($500). He is a grey yearling, great conformation, should mature around 15 hands. He is up to date on all shots and worming. He's halter broke, seems to have a really good mind, has been bathed, had his hooves trimmed, etc. I handled him some and he isn't flighty
or spooky at all. I actually liked him better than the one I purchased, but my husband and kids had other ideas. LOL. And since I really didn't need another horse I let them decide. Anyway, he sells with all the necessary paperwork to get his registration papers. His sire is Thee Asil (Thee Desperado x Ali Barakaa) and his dam is Bint Keishta (Thee Desperado x Kieshta).

That email was sent out Nov of 2006.

Ashke still has great confirmation, with a wonderful face and has matured to 15.1. He is all of the things described in this email. He is smart, loving, gentle, and gorgeous.

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