Saturday, October 20, 2012

TMR . . .

Today was the day Nicole and I went out to Table Mountain Ranch. We spent almost three hours wandering around the property, looking at everything.

Great indoor arena
Great trail access
Other riders who trail ride
Ashke could be in a stall with a run next to Callie
Blanketing is included
Fed four times a day

Cons (according to Nicole):
Smaller stall and run
More wind (closer to foothills)
Having to move locations
Increased cost

The arena and the trails made up our mind. I was already convinced of how nice the stable was and really wanted Callie and Nicole to move out there too. I am excited about riding the hills and developing Ashke's rump and back. We left the barn manager a deposit to hold our spots for the first of December. Nicole had a momentary relapse at the barn (she has a lot on her plate and is kind of freaking out) but Jeff was very supportive of the move. She says she has the paperwork filled out already.

He moved nicely today. I allowed him to move around in the round pen for awhile and he was very relaxed at both the trot and canter. Even Nicole commented on how nice he was moving. Nicole was riding in the big arena when Ashke walked out and Callie just stopped wanting to do anything. Instead of getting stressed, Nicole ended her session and the four of us took a walk. There was a downed tree next to the road and Callie wasn't interested in getting close either time we walked next to it. She balked and didn't want to move forward until Ashke walked over and tried to eat the pieces of wood. The two of them are very close and I'm happy they both are moving.

Being silly with the stool.

Callie and the Pessoa system

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