Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I've always loved that word from the movie "The Dead Poets Society" and although I might not actually Yawp in response to Ashke's development, inside I am yawping a lot.

This is the final entry in the alphabet blogging challenge I set myself this month. I almost managed to do all 26 letters, but skipped the X (because, seriously, X is a hard topic) and Z (because I ran out of time). Hence, ending the month with Yawp.

Here is video from last night. We have a change through the trot on basically a figure 8 in our test, so I asked J to video us practicing. Ashke is getting better over all in not getting "hot" at the thought of cantering, although you can see at the end he was getting a bit predictive in his response, hence the stop and back. That moment is kind of funny to me, since I was gleeful about the transition from the left lead to the right, thinking it was the easiest lead change ever, and then the circle kind of fell apart. In watching the video, you can see he did not change (no wonder it was smooth, since his left lead is his default lead). The challenge for me is the small shift of weight from the outside leg to new outside leg. Once I have conquered that, I think he will be less confused.


  1. That video is LOVELY. You two look like you're floating on air at the canter! Beautiful!!!

  2. I would think that X for dressage would be an easy letter to blog about :-P

    I like Yawp as a topic though.

    I like how he gets more and more relaxed as the video goes on :)

    1. X for dressage. . . .that's a great idea. Didn't even think of it. I think of X and my mind repeats xray over and over again.