Saturday, January 7, 2017


When I left for the barn last night it was 27 degrees. When I pulled into the barn 20 minutes later it was 7 degrees. I decided that it was too cold for riding. However, when I got to Ashke he had completely disassembled his stall. He had moved his salt rock and holder from their spot to a new place in his stall, he had been playing in his water, which was every where, his feed bucket and the hook for it was buried in his shavings. Bored much?

I pulled his blanket and took him to the arena, where he rolled on both sides. Why does he like to lay so close to the rail? He never rolls in the middle of the arena, only on the edges where if he flips himself over he will cast himself. J says he's living on the edge.

After two very vigorous rolls, we did this:

When he was finished he put his ball back in the corner where it lives and followed me back to the gate in the arena. He drank very well when he got back in his stall, which is always a good thing, then got wrapped up in the blanket and served a wet, yummy mash before I left.


  1. Maybe now that corner with the jumps won't be so scary! He makes me laugh every time I watch these. :-D