Friday, January 27, 2017

Van Halen

Ashke is kind of a free spirit who has a streak of mischief running through his veins. He plays with the horses next to him - Mez and Flame - bitey gelding face games. He helps the barn cleaners with cleaning his chores: holding the fork, searching pockets, trailing around after them. He interacts with horses in turn out, playing face games over the fence with the horses in turnout.

He has now decided to try out as a drummer for Van Halen.

I guess, according to the BO, he drags his Rubbermaid tank out from beneath the fence, tips it over and bangs on it with his front foot. It rings out through the barn. A new boarder asked the BO what in the world that noise was and the BO answered that Ashke was playing the drums. This is a daily thing because one needs to practice to get better.

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