Thursday, January 19, 2017


Six days ago I decided to try planking. Probably because I kept seeing the ad pop up on FB about how doing it for 28 days would greatly improve metabolism, strength, help you lose weight and find the Holy Grail. Okay, that last part may be an exaggeration. However, the idea of doing planking one time a day, for as long as I could, to help improve my core strength and lower back strength was very appealing. One of the things I have been dealing with has been an increase in lower back pain, which isn't the bad nerve pain I used to deal with, but rather the achy, naggy pain of over worked muscles, since my lessons have started focusing on using my seat to direct Ashke. I need to get stronger. Going to the gym is not an option. I am already struggling to ride on a regular schedule every week and giving up a night to ride in order to work out is not really an option. I also wanted something to do that was easy (HA!), able to do daily and able to do at home. So, I thought planking would be the perfect place to start.

What is planking, you ask?

(I am not doing the planking workout.)

I am doing the basic plank. I mean, how hard can it be to hold yourself on your arms and toes? I was thinking I would need to put on a video to watch and entertain myself while I planked because I would be bored after five minutes and would need to be engaged in something else. Seriously. I was worried that I wouldn't keep it up because of time and tediousness.

OMFG!!! Seriously, one of the hardest things ever!!

I was able to manage the Basic Plank for 19 seconds the first attempt. Six days in my maximum is 37 seconds. That doesn't seem like much. I begin to shake almost as soon as I reach the Basic Plank position and am stopping when the pain becomes too much or I am shaking to hard to continue. I find it hard to take a deep slow breath, which I am blaming my boobs for, although it may be the core muscles that are contributing.

However, I can feel it in my abs and the muscles at the top of my buttocks and in my lower back. I have also completed it six days in a row now. It is much harder when I do it after a ride, since those muscles are already fatigued from my lesson (could only maintain it for 25 seconds then). The day I managed 39 seconds (PR) I hurt all over. It is definitely a full body workout.

We shall see how this progresses and if it helps my riding. I do feel more energetic and I have lost about an inch around in the past week or so. It will be interesting to see if that is a trend or just wishful thinking.


  1. I figure the easy part is that it takes less than a minute out of your day rather than the time a full workout would. And it's easy enough to remember to do just one thing once a day every day. Your time increase is impressive, I think! Keep up the good work!

  2. This is a great and easy (as in requires no weights, not easy to do) thing for me to add to my quest for fitness. Thanks!

  3. Planking is one of the best/worst exercises ever invented. My core shares your pain.

  4. I gave up sit ups for planks and never regretted it!

  5. Planks are great! There are many varieties, and things you can add to mix it up. Keep up the great work, you will continue to see your time & strength improve!