Monday, January 23, 2017


Ashke got the day off yesterday because I was too sore to do much of anything. My lower back was bothering me more than it has in a couple of years and I just didn't feel like moving. I still planked for 40 seconds, cleaned the house, cooked dinner and adored the doggos, but neither of us felt like leaving. One of the things we did do was finish the puzzle we started on Saturday night.

When J and I used to do puzzles a lot. And enjoyed them. Then for a long time, we didn't. It's hard to do them with cats and doggos and a little person running around under foot. However, we picked up a couple from Costco and a Denver Broncos one just before the holidays and did them on days when the weather was bad and we were being home bodies. It was fun. So Saturday when we were at the mall after our massage, we picked up a 1000 piece puzzle that was discounted 50% because the box was smashed, brought it home and got it started.

T helped with the last 20 pieces

I have now decided we should find one of each of the beers in this picture. I'm especially taken with the Bishop's Finger, the Hen's Tooth, the Bear Beer, Cobra, Tiger, Murphy's Irish Stout, Red Stripe  Aphrodite and Duurl. Not that I am going to drink any, but I want J to try them all. A friend recommended we use it as a scavenger hunt. So, game on. I will be hitting our large adult beverage stores this weekend in search for some of these beers. I'll let you know how it goes.

I went on Amazon last night and bought two more puzzles, each 1000 pieces. One is a picture of pencils in different colors lined up to fill the entire pictures and one like the beer one only with hard liquor. J is really excited about the pencil one and I am more excited about the liquor one. We also went a little crazy and ordered new shower curtains for both bathrooms. Amazon prime rocks.

And just so you know, if J and I ever get any land that can sustain an animal, we are getting two of these darlings, even if we have to import them. I would take wethers, since they are just intended as pets and not for breeding or eating.

I loves these sheeps.

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