Monday, December 16, 2013

Last Ride

Tonight was our last ride for at least two weeks. The withdrawal has already started.

Tonight was our sixth ride in eight days. He'll probably be pretty happy about having the time off, actually. I wasn't going to ride tonight but J said, go, it's going to feel like forever before you get to see him again. I went.

We mostly worked on walk-trot transitions. He feels really heavy on my hands at the walk and I was trying to get him to give a little more, but honestly, I think he was tired. We did a few trot-canter in either direction and then I called it done.

Cassandra is supposed to ride him one time while I am gone (in lieu of a lesson) and I am hoping she can get him to frame himself a little at the canter. Overall, I was very happy with his effort. He was happy to see me. And I was smarter, I didn't try cantering at the same time Cali was. We will work on that in a couple of weeks. For now, I want to work on cantering and then slowing when I ask. Brakes are a good thing.

Amaar is at the barn. He moved in on Sunday. Cassandra is going to ride him, so that should be interesting. I'll keep you posted. He and Ashke look a lot alike. I think Liz might like to try photographing all three of our white Arabs.

I will probably not post as much as I usually do, because we will be doing the holiday thing, if we can make it to the school break. T's level of homework is killing us. I will be back to riding on 12/29. And I have a couple of stories for Thursdays.

I almost had a heart attack when T called to tell me the cat had knocked over my beads and they were all over the floor. I had images of 18,000 beads all mixed up together. Luckily, it was only four colors or about 4,000 beads and J managed to get them cleaned up. We do have a nice cat for sale. Contact me if you are interested.

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