Sunday, December 15, 2013


Have you ever had one of those nights?

The kind of night where you end up spent and exhausted, covered in sweat, muscles twitching? The kind of night where your bones have melted and you can't move, your eyes are rolled up in the back of your head and you just want to sink into sleep? The kind of night where you are so satisfied you have no words to describe it? That moment when you don't believe you could achieve that level of connection with another living being, ever?

That was my ride today.

Walk-trot transitions.

Trot-canter transitions. First time EVAR!! He tried so hard. He listened. When he tried to rush, I went back to the walk-trot transitions until he was soft and listening in a frame. Correct lead in both directions. He was much more rough to the right, but his head was actually much lower than the last time we tried to canter. I can't tell you how happy I am. We had a huge breakthrough moment.

I was walking on water and over the moon in love with my boy. He was trying so hard and listening so well. He was awfully proud of himself as well.

What did you all think I was talking about?


  1. I figured you were talking about some sort of riding...hahaha

    So happy you had such an awesome ride on Ashke!! Yay for progress!

    1. Well, I was talking about sex. . . . but sometimes I almost feel the same way about riding. The same kind of euphoria. The same kind of exhaustion. Different climax.

    2. Oh no, I totally got where you were going with that initial description. That's what I meant by "some sort of riding." And yup, I'm in complete agreement with you on the resemblances and differences!

    3. I wonder if men feel the same way about riding as women do . . . that the feeling is similar to sexual arousal, or if it translates differently for men. I'm trying but can't come up with another activity that connects a human with another living creature in a way that mimics, through movement and sensitivity, the act of love. (And no, for you weird people out there, I am not talking about fucking an animal. Seriously. NO. And Ewwwww.)

      I guess your initial comment was spot on - riding is riding, right?

  2. Riding is riding. ;) And that's a good one: I do wonder too how a guy would describe that kind of connection with a horse. The problem is that if a guy tried to compare a great ride to great sex, a lot of people would probably think he was a little messed up, just because it's a man saying it.

    It's all in how they would choose the words to describe it:
    "When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your know you are loved."
    - John Lyons

    Love is love.

    1. You make me laugh. I look forward to the day when we can sit around a campfire, with our horses hanging in the background, full of great food and the perfect drink in our hands, talking about everything. I want to meet C and Lily.

      I guess I wonder if men FEEL like riding is similar to sex, or if it is a different feeling for them. Maybe that is one of the reasons there are more older adult riders who are female (in my experience) than male. Maybe, for a certain generation of women, riding is more satisfying than sex, just because they struggled to learn to do sex. Ah, the things I think about . . .