Friday, December 13, 2013

Boy Crush

Or . . . what to do when your horse won't stop staring at another horse.

So, I had a lesson on Wednesday night with Cassandra. When I first got to the Indoor, there were four young women finishing up their lesson with Cinnamon. Cassandra was finishing up her lesson with her six o'clock student. I got on Ashke, who was so ramped up he was quivering, and set about the task of focusing and redirecting my horse. About twenty minutes later, Cassandra and I started our lesson.

Ashke is still relatively new to the whole focus and listen to me deal. It is difficult for him to focus when we are in the arena and there are other horses around. When we are out on the trail, I want him to pay attention to our surroundings, in part because I think it is good for his soul, but also in part because if I pay attention to him, he will alert to things that might be trouble. I stay alert on the trail, as well, because the last thing I need is for me to be oblivious to any surrounding danger. However, that's not the case indoors and I need him to trust me enough to focus on what I am asking.

He was doing pretty good for the first half of the lesson. He's not fond of chestnut horses, or bays, and he especially dislikes any horses he's ridden out on the trail with when Cali is with them. For example, even in a frame working trot-walk-trot transitions he would pin his ears and swish his tail every time Bentley came past him. I have found it much easier to get him to pay attention when there are fewer horses and especially one's he doesn't know. He is also much harder to handle/stop when Cali is present, although much more relaxed and willing to work if she is riding with us.

So here I am, in a lesson on a horse that is displaying mild ADHD and the temperment of a 4 year old, when in walks the most beautiful palomino gelding, with flowing white tresses and a butt to die for. (Some kind of QH champion, from what J said. Had an engraved saddle and everything.) Ashke lost focus and became completely enamored of this handsome man-horse.

It was embarrassing.

Kind of like walking the mall with a hormonal teenager. Or actually, walking half a mall behind a hormonal teenager, because teenagers don't walk with their parents. Boy sees girl, boy drools and forgets how to walk, boy trips over tongue . . . . or whatever combination of boy-boy-girl-girl thing is going on. Ashke did the horse version of that.

Granted, it was a very nice looking horse, but really. Ashke started leg yielding in the direction of the palomino every time we went around the circle close to him. He started pinning his ears at any horse that got between him and the palomino. He tail swished and got all prancey. His tongue might as well have been hanging out of his mouth, he was so enamored. Even Cassandra and the cowboy riding the palomino noticed.

I finally asked the cowboy if they could greet each other and I think the cowboy thought I was being stupid, but agreed. Ashke did fluttery nostrils and lippy mouth with the other gelding.

He really likes those yellow colored horses.


  1. LMAO! This made me laugh so hard because I have a horse just like this. My oldasdirt Paso Fino mare has such a horrible crush on my stallion it's ridiculous! Tears down fences to get to him and everything. He is less than impressed LOL

  2. Horses are silly. It's hysterical that Ashke likes his yellow horses and will get all territorial about them! Lily doesn't care for grays, but she really likes her chestnuts, especially if they are girls as well. Lol!

  3. Ahahahaha. Ashke, you're a dork, my dear. A complete dork - in a completely positive way!