Friday, December 27, 2013

Goals for 2013 in Review

Goals set for 2013

1. Register Thee Ashke. This didn't happen. It's almost $400 and every time I have that kind of money to spend on the horse, I buy us things. It may never happen. I'm not sure it makes a difference to Ashke.

2. Figure out the bit/bridle thing. Get him into a rig that he is comfortable with, but still listens. Yes!! Absolute success! I have him in a Cob sized dressage bridle, which fits him incredibly well and encourages him to give to the bit. The bit I got almost a year ago is awesome and I am so happy I took the chance on ordering a bit online.

3. Get him collected, balanced and strong at all three gaits. On cue. On the correct lead. And backing up when requested. Moderate success. We are still working on the canter, but our leads are there about 90% of the time. Backing is a no-brainer. Leg yields are coming along. We can turn on the forehand and on the haunches, plus sidepass in both directions.

4. Ride a LD fun ride (15 miles) and come home sound. I will either do a 15 mile LD fun ride at Kenlyn Arabians, or a 25 mile ride at Kenlyn in the spring. Ashke wasn't ready this spring, so we didn't attempt it.

5. Ride the top of the mesa. The Mesa has been conquered.

6. Find a way to ride from TMR to Boulder. And then back. Maybe next year. J is willing to explore trails and go for long rides.

7. Lose another 20 lbs and gain core strength to improve my riding. I've lost 15 lbs. I've also seen the difference in my core that riding dressage has encouraged. I'm really excited about moving forward with both.

8. Go camping with the horse - either with Lisa or with Nicole - or with both. Didn't happen this year. Although I did go camping with Nicole. Maybe next year.

9. Teach Ashke to neck rein and to do a flying lead change. We have the neck reining down, but aren't there yet with our leads, mainly because we aren't there with the canter yet.

10. Network and develop relationships with other riders at the barn to grow our trail riding group. This has started, but there isn't anything formal in place. I hope that by riding with Cassandra, we will get a group together. Although, I have to say, I love riding with N.

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  1. It seems to me like you've done a GREAT job with your goals!! You've gotten down some of the harder ones, and put off the ones that either you or Ashke weren't quite ready for yet. Here's to an awesome 2014 of ever-continuing progress for both of you!