Sunday, December 29, 2013


I got to ride today for the first time in two weeks. It was good.

You can see the headband and my new helmet.
I think both are pretty sexy.

I talked to Cassandra about her rides on him and Ashke was not happy someone else was working him. I think he was pretty pissed I was gone and had someone else working him.

Stupid camera is messed up and changing the photos.

We tacked up and got all fancy. My Irideon polartec fleece breeches were amazing. I wore my new winter riding gloves and we did the lower loop of the mountain. It was great to get caught up with N and Ashke and Cali seemed to enjoy themselves.

At least you can see how the browband kind of looks, but it should have really glowed in the sunshine. I forgot my other camera and somehow the photo setting got messed with on my phone.

N suggested I start using black beading thread for the browbands, since they are going on black webbing. She is right and I ordered black thread today. 

Got to ride out a whopping six miles in December.

Rode along the prairie dog colony. The footing was a little iffy, because of the snow we got last night. Overall, both horses did great and we had a decent ride.


  1. The browband looks gorgeous on him! So glad you were able to get a good ride on Ashke! I had a feeling he'd be upset that someone else was riding him while you were gone; he seems like a one person kind of horse. Did he whinny for you when he saw you arrive? :)

    1. No. He did not whinny until we were done riding and I carried the saddle back to the tack room. When I walked back and he saw me, he whinnied.

      When I first got there, he pinned his ears and nipped at me. He was not happy I had left him. He was much happier after our ride.

      I totally get that he is a one person horse. I'm a one horse person.

    2. Silly boy. I'm happy he felt like you two had made up after the ride.

      I used to enjoy riding many different horses, but I've turned into a one horse person too.

  2. It's always a great feeling to get back in the saddle after some time off! Hope he behaved!