Thursday, December 26, 2013


For Ashke.

It was still on the loom, but finished. 

I have now attached it to the web band for the bridle. Can't wait to see how it fits and looks on him.

Can't wait to see him! 



  1. Replies
    1. Yours will be on the loom as soon as we get home. I'm still struggling to figure out the blue. Part of the problem is making sure the beads are a consistent size and shape and the blue I wanted to use is pretty cheaply made (you can't ever really tell, but the bead width is really inconsistent.) I may have to either 1) go to the Trading Post and get more beads (little happy dance, since we LOVE the trading post) or 2) use a different color of blue. I've only started and stopped twice (unbeading is soooo much fun!!). I really hope you like the pattern I've picked. I think it's going to look amazing, but it's very different from what I did for Ashke.

    2. I think I will love any pattern you choose for us, Karen. :) You do a beautiful job!!