Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ten Things

Ten random things:

10. Babe is finished:

 Despite the snow, the frostbite (never use arosoles in below freezing weather) and a random visitation by the dog (totally my fault, but who would have known that permanent blue dog prints all over the house would be worse than a small bit of vomit) Babe was painted blue.

 We only used four cans to paint the one side. Blue.

 Painting finished. Waiting for it to dry.
PVC pipe is the second project we completed on Saturday.
Who could have guessed how toxic the smell of paint would be once we moved Babe into the house to finish drying?

 Babe loaded for transport. You should have seen the looks we got from everyone going by.

 Set up in the indoor to test. Total cost with parts and labor - $300

And OMG! The horses were not happy. There was a young woman (sans helmet) on a palomino paint gelding. We checked with her before setting up the stands, which were no big deal, and then we went to move the bull. Three steps into the arena, the palomino paint snorted and I stopped. He was spraddle legged, snorting, wide-eyed and I just held still. Even though we weren't moving he decided he was far to close to the large, horse-eating blue thing and went into a mad retreat, legs flying like Phoebe running through Central Park. I was really afraid that he would throw himself over backwards in fear. The rider got him turned and spun (one rein stop anyone?) and then he calmed. Eventually. 

We found it interesting that the horses were much more willing to approach from the back side of the bull, then from the front. 

Our second construct this weekend. Bell at about shoulder height for the corridor/bell obstacle.
Total cost with parts and labor >$50

9. Ashke is still working on his lead changes:

He was getting tired by this time. He spent a lot of time at the beginning of our ride stressing out about everything. 

8. Daylight Savings Time happens in four days!!!!

This may also be the last time we have to change the clocks. Colorado is looking at staying on DST year round!!

7. Warming Trend on the Horizon

It gets even better the following weekend, with temps in the 60's.
Just in time for the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

6. I rode TWO nights in a row.

5. My back feels awesome, despite not riding as much, although I did wear the brace for a day after working on the bull and doing housework (bending and pushing/pulling with my arms are problematic).

4. Ashke was much better behaved on Sunday and Monday, after pinning his ears and threatening to kick me on Saturday when I was cleaning his stall and he was eating his mash.

He got taken away from the mash and crosstied in the stall while I finished cleaning. In his defense, there was a lot of turmoil in the barn on Saturday, with two horses moving out and a bunch of horses moving stalls. Ashke now has a mare on either side of him and a new bite mark on his right shoulder. There was much squeeling and wheeling and racing going on. 

3. Our canter work is getting better and better.

Even MJ, who saw us cantering a year ago, says he looks the best she's seen him look. To the left, he was smooth and wonderful last night (the right hind seems to have gotten less tight or more strong, because he was able to carry us without cross firing on that hip). To the right is still rough (made more so by the deep aversion we have to the evil end of the arena) but getting so much better.

2. Ropa Vieja for dinner

 Saiph's recipe, modified for the crockpot. So very yummy.

1. I have a secret.

Two weekends from now something spectacular is going to happen with Ashke and I. I am both excited and incredibly nervous about it. I will share sometime this week.

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  1. You are so lucky. If they switch to permanent DST, I want to move to Colorado.