Monday, March 30, 2015

Quarterly Review

Our goals this year were pretty simple:

Stay consistent with my riding (4 or 5 times a week).

Except for the very cold, very snowy last two weeks of February and the first weekend in March, this has been pretty consistent. Of course, I have not pushed Ashke when he is feeling off, but we did manage to work through the soreness issues we have faced and gone on. It was hard during that three week period to find the energy or desire to ride in temps in the teens when we had enjoyed some incredible riding weather with temps in the upper 60's. February was the month that had a record breaking high temperature of 72 and record level snow fall. Guess which came first . . . . Colorado is bi-polar at best. Going forward, it's probably going to be four days of riding each week. I have too much to tend to with a 15 year old, Driver's Ed, Cross-Country and daily house stuff to really stick to five days a week. My goal is two trail and two arena rides per week.

 Four Season Riding

We got the winter part in, at least where riding on trail was concerned. Last year for the first quarter, I rode 19.25 miles on trail. This year I rode 109.25 miles. That included a three week break where we didn't ride in the snow, plus time off for the expo and WE demo day. That's a huge increase and I'm very happy with where we are. So far, we have only tried one new trail (Barr Lake) but we do have plans to explore more terrain as the spring and summer goes on. Ashke is still loving trail riding and J and I are putting together a list of our favorite rides (love East-West and Chatfield is amazing). And goals. Like riding all of the way to the start of the Colorado Trail up Waterton Canyon. Maybe next weekend. Who knows. And some of my buds in HCWE are interested in meeting up to ride Dowdy Draw, which would be incredible!!

 Ride 500 miles

We have managed to ride 109.25 for the first three months of the year. Finishing up with the same amount of mileage as we rode the final three quarters of last year would put us over the goal. I am pretty confident that it is doable. However. Things have changed since I made that goal and I am okay with the changes. In fact, I'm really excited for once to work on my dressage tests for WE and to see how we progress this year. When I set this goal last year, I had no idea that HCWE would become a club, or that there would be an opportunity to work with a WE specific trainer, or that there would be more than one schooling show I could show at. If I don't make the 500 miles it's because I have goals with WE that I didn't realize I might be able to accomplish this year when I was goal setting in January. Time spent in the arena working on my WE will be time taken away from the trail, although I do hope to do a lot of work during the week in the arena. Also, I have a good trainer now and will need to schedule lessons with her, which by default has to be on the weekend. Plus shows and practice and play days, all of which are a great trade off from meeting my mileage goal. I am so excited about the WE Club and all of the events that are planned. We have so much to learn and practice.

Work on my Working Equitation
This is the area where this year might see the biggest change from what I expected to what it will end up being. In so many ways it's more exciting than I have words for that I am on the ground floor of this discipline, at least in Colorado. Keith (on Cody) at the Demo day said that WE is "this" tall, and it has the potential to be " T     H     I    S " tall and he's right, the sky is the limit.

What that looks like for me: WE specific lessons, play dates and demos, clinics, the Expo, actual riding outfit, and WE specific training when riding in the arena. I'm so excited I am almost squeeeeeing as I sit at my computer. Trust me when I say, this is definitely a priority for me this year. Not only do I love this sport, but I like and admire the people organizing, mentoring, training and participating in this sport. At least the ones that I've met so far.

Camping with my family

This hasn't happened yet, but we have our first camping trip planned for June (although we are cutting it short for a schooling show) and will probably go camping at least over Memorial Day in May. Plus, a weekend in July. Ponyboy will have to do without me for that time.

So far, I am right on track with the goals I set this January. Overall, I am really happy and excited about what we are doing and how we are progressing.

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