Friday, March 20, 2015


I gave Ashke four days off of work after the Expo. One, I really didn't feel like climbing back in the saddle and two, I am exhausted. I don't get exhausted, but I did last weekend. I think it was more the mental strain of doing something completely new and the underlying stress of leaving my horse in a strange place for three nights that did me in. I hope that by this time next year, traveling for shows will be second nature and I won't be so stressed.

Tonight, however, was night five since the Expo and I wanted to ride.

I booted Ashke on the fronts and will boot all four hooves tomorrow for our ride. He was a little tender on the RF, which I believe is a direct reaction to losing the flares he had. At least his feet will fit in the boots now. I rode out Van Bibber Park. When I got to the soccer fields I looked left and saw this:

Oooooo. New places to ride.

 The footing was good, even though there were scary back yards and stuff.

A little spot of wild between two subdivisions

There was a visitor from space who had a bright pink laser ray.

After riding around the bit of wild, I went back down and rode around the soccer fields, making Ashke do circles around the blue trash barrels that were put out. Can someone explain to me why the 12 and 13 year old boys need to yell "Unicorn" at us and then chase us on their bikes and skateboards, waving things in the air. Ashke is not fond of that behavior. Nor does he like little yip dogs who charge him. He will go after them. 

After we rode around the soccer fields, we headed back. He was sweaty after our canter sets, so I walked him the final three miles to the barn. He was mostly dry by the time we got there. I untacked and through him in the stall with his mash.

 Sorry for the blur but I was trying to dodge the mash face

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