Saturday, March 21, 2015

Oak Grove

LJ and Amaar met us at Spring Gulch at about 10 on Saturday, the day after the Equinox. We were late because for the first time in over a year, I had to use the come-a-long to get Ashke on the trailer. And before that, I must not have fastened the halter correctly, because he pulled back and it fell off. He trotted away to investigate the barn yard, while I ran in to collect a couple of peppermints to entice him back. Once the halter was in place and secured, he refused to move toward the trailer. Telling him we were trail riding and not going to the Expo did not help. Once the come-a-long was on, he walked right in. I didn't even have to use it. (He loaded right away on the way home, though.)

At Spring Gulch, LJ was already saddled and working Amaar on the lunge line. The boys like each other, so she parked Amaar next to Ashke while I set about getting him ready to go. I groomed, put on the easyboots, exercise boots and then saddled him. I pulled the face part of his war bridle off (I need to shave his bridle path again and didn't want to mess with it) and slipped the bridle on. It only took 30 minutes or so. Ashke seemed really happy to have the easyboots on and walked right out.

We crossed Highlands Ranch Parkway about a block from the light at Santa Fe, since I was very nervous about walking Amaar across that intersection with the speed limit on Santa Fe being 55. We weren't sure how he would handle it. Ashke slipped and extended his left front leg as he stepped off the sidewalk onto the road. He walked out okay and it didn't seem to bother him after, but I was glad I had the leg wraps on.

J has a new green mint helmet, which she accessorized by adding bright yellow stickers on it (she's going for the ugliest helmet ever). She paired that incredible concept with an orange jersey. It was hard to miss her.

J leading the way on the downhill. LJ and Amaar just in front of us. We practiced being second a lot on this ride. We also practiced pogostick cantering, very collected trotting, and very collected canter. 

That gave J time to take pictures of us.

It was a spectacular day.

Such a great country to ride through.

 We did some cantering.

And rode through the oak groves.

Long road home.

We worked on Ashke maintaining a safe distance from Amaar when following.

And some final cantering. The horses were pretty sweaty, so we walked them home.

Can't wait to ride this in the full bloom of spring.

A closer look at the ravishing ensemble.

And a close encounter by my spirit animal.


  1. What a beautiful setting for a ride...

  2. I guess Ashke really didn't like the stall situation at the Expo? :/ He seemed to have so much fun with the WE clinic itself. Glad he got back into his normal trailering groove afterwards, though I'm not surprised: you two understand one another so well. :)

    You have such beautiful trails! I laughed over J's outfit to make her helmet even uglier. And yesss for the red-tail! I saw one while out on the trails yesterday too!