Saturday, March 7, 2015

Friday Night Lights

Friday night I got to the barn just after 4. I rushed through grooming (a spit and a wink) and threw the saddle on. I really wanted to ride out. While I was getting the saddle on Ashke there came from the barnyard such a clatter I had to go see what was happening.

The snow, warmed by the sun, slid off the roof of the indoor and buried my car. 

Inside the indoor all of the horses freaked, dumping one of the young students onto the ground. Inside the barn, all of the horses had little mini meltdowns. Including Ashke.

There was still about six inches of snow on the sides of the sidewalk. It was wet and slushy.
Not great footing.

Our shadow.

We went to the end of Van Bibber park, mostly walking, although we had several nice trots and a couple of canters when we got to the soccer fields.

The lake still has not thawed from our last cold snap.
And geese are not heavy.

The sun officially sank behind the mountains as we started back.
Thankfully, I wore my Carhartt Rancher jacket. 
Unfortunately, I left my hat and gloves in the car. It was a bit cold.

Overall, it was a great ride, if brief. Ashke and I managed the slippery, sloggy mess and decided that we were not going to ride out on Saturday. Instead, we spent the day shopping with J for her birthday, after Ashke had his feet trimmed. Had a lot of fun.

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