Tuesday, May 20, 2014

VCMBH: Bit it Up

Once again we are asked by L Williams at Viva Carlos: which bit and why?

Ashke and I started with an eggbutt snaffle, progressed to a D-Ring snaffle, and tried a French Link, loose ring snaffle. He hated all of them. Wide gaping mouth, head thrown up, no contact and a lot of fighting. I began to do research.

I ended up buying a Raised Rockin' S snaffle bit in the 4.5" size.

It worked well. Finally, Ashke was able to give to the bit. Didn't gape open too badly. It was decent to begin our dressage work with.

However, it was always a fight to get him to carry himself correctly and not pull on my arms. I always felt incredibly tired after a ride. It was also illegal for me to use in the dressage ring (not that I am going to show any time soon). Finally, I had zero control at the canter. ZERO. I decided I needed a bit I could use one hand with - ie, some type of western style bit - so that I could maintain some control with my right hand while holding on with my left (so ashamed. :( 

At a local feed store I found:

Myler Level 2 Comfort bit with a 2" shank. We love it. It finally gives me the control I need to stop his bolting on the trail. And it gave both of us the ability to canter without feeling out of control. In a 4.75" bit.

In fact, I liked it so much that I bought a second Myler bit for dressage.

He gives nicely to the pressure and foams like a rabid dog.

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