Saturday, May 17, 2014


I wanted to do the VCMBH blog hop that's going on right now, but the only answer I have to "Why do I still ride?" is "To ride is to live."

That makes for a very boring post.

So, some other thoughts:

1. We have done five rides so far in the Alta and I have figured out the issues with the pad slipping. I changed out the girth for a Toklat Fleece (in bright blue to match the saddle blanket) girth, size 48" and it fits on the very last set of holes on both sides of the saddle. But, the saddle blanket doesn't slip, he moves so nicely in it, the press pattern of the blanket looks very even on both sides, except the left wither (which I believe is beginning to fill in - shhh, don't tell anyone) and he shows ZERO back tenderness when palpated with my fingers.

2. We were going to trailer out on Sunday and try a ten mile ride but that's been nixed. The barn is under a quarrentine because of a case of neurological EHV-1 at a barrel racing event and a youth rodeo event. We are not allowed to haul out of the barn and no one is allowed to haul in. This is not mandated by the State, but rather mandated by the BM. We are going to ride the mountain tomorrow morning and I hope that (1) we go fast enough that the boy sweats so I can truly check the sweat pattern on the saddle, and (2) we can get at least five miles in.

3. Raising a teenager is not for the faint of heart. Copious drinking is a serious consideration.

4. Today, Ashke was very lethargic. N thinks it was the humidity and the sudden heat (colorado is bi-polar). Cali was lethargic too. Both of them were eating well and Ashke was pooping. I left him with a bucket of Horse Quencher and a bucket of mash. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a different horse.

5. We spent the morning pulling a Grade B noxious weed from the walking path of the Butterfly Pavilion. I found human excrement hidden under a white teeshirt. I really wonder what is wrong with people. It was through a volunteer program at J's work. N joined us and a good time was had by all.


  1. I think most of us feel that way so not that boring, totally relate-able. Sorry about your ride being nixed, better safe then sorry though.

  2. Colorado IS bi-polar! Well put! I think I'll steal that line!