Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I am now the proud owner of two Myler bits. Both are Level 2. One is a 2" shank bit with a medium port and the other is a Comfort Snaffle, D-Ring with hooks with a low port.

The snaffle was new to us tonight and Ashke LOVED it. He was so comfortable and relaxed in it. Between it and the new saddle, we had the best dressage ride we have had to date. I love it because I don't have to be hard with my hands. It's incredibly easy to be light and constant and he was very willing to lift with his back and get his butt up under him. EVEN AT THE CANTER. We were dripping foam from his mouth by the end of the ride.

Everything we were working on all winter is suddenly right there. And even to the right, his canter is fabulous. I want to work on it in the arena during the week and then ride trails during the weekend. I don't want to lose the muscle we've built on his topline and I am hopeful that his left wither will develop as we go. It's really the only place the saddle is a little off. If I can get that wither to develop since he can move his shoulders so much more than he could before, then the fit would be perfect. I'm not sure I can justify a special saddle pad for that one spot. I checked his back at the end of our ride and there was zero sensitivity to pressure. No pain.

I am about to swoon.

Alta Escuela and Myler. A match made in heaven.

I'm even so happy with our progress that I may take a dressage lesson in June. Just to get some guidance and know what we need to work on going forward.

Our final test will be a 10 mile ride in the saddle over varied terrain. I am hopeful it will happen on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And say a prayer or light a candle for Lou. He gets his male parts altered tomorrow and N is frantic with worry that he won't wake from the medicine to make him sleep (yes, I can not spell that word). We wants him to be better and not the hormone driven boy dog he is right now. We want him to be healthy at the end of the surgery. Lou is the smooth, tri-colored collie in the videos from a couple of days ago.


  1. I love my Mylar Comfort Snaffle! Good choice!

  2. Blogger ate my comment! I commented last night from my phone! My original comment said, "Awesome awesome awesome!

    Candles have been lit for Lou!"

  3. Lou is fine! Thanks for any and all warm thoughts, prayers and otherwise. He is missing some of his tender bits, but other than that has awakened in fine fettle.

  4. Lou will be happier in the long run, as you know. So glad it went fine.

  5. You people and these myler bits....I've got the fever now. I'll have to test out Saiph's bits and see if Q truly likes a ported bit. I think my BO has the Myler book and some Myler bits...perhaps I'll have to hit her up.