Saturday, May 31, 2014

Post Apocalypse

The toothpick is still inside his foot. We are hoping the Ichthammol that Calm, Straight, Forward recommended will work it's magic and draw out the wood. The boy is beginning to put weight on that foot, so at least he's not hopping around like a one legged jackrabbit so much any more.

I rode Thursday, Friday and today. All inside because of the heavy thunderstorms moving through the countryside. Ashke was pretty sluggish today because of the heat and humidity in the inside arena.

We've really increased what we are doing on a ride by ride basis. A lot of cantering and at least four or five transitions in each direction. I know he is losing weight and muscle, despite the increased work load. After talking to Saiph and doing some research, I switched out two of the flakes of grass he was getting for alfalfa (to increase his protein and calcium uptake) and added Triple Crown Omega Max to his daily mash. We will keep him on this for a month and see if it makes a difference.

I love how upright my back is.

The still shots look okay

Legs are a blur.

Handsome boy.

He looks interested.

Posing for the papparrazzi

Some cantering. Damn the elbows.

And this is to the right. I thought the transition felt a lot worse than it looked.

To the left is always an easier ride for me.

Final video


  1. Wow! Don't you guys look good! Way to go.
    I really like alfalfa, but Paj is allergic. Otherwise we'd feed some too. I'm sure Ashke will love the change.
    I hope that dang toothpick comes out.

  2. I bet the alfalfa will help a lot. I'm loving what it's doing for Chrome. :D You guys are looking good! All of this rain sucks... I swear it's been raining for a week straight... ugh! I hope the toothpick comes out soon...