Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Night Lights

The wind has been bad the past two days. It was gusting at 30 miles an hour last night while T and R were trick or treating. We went to N's house, cooked Papa Murphy's pizza and ate, then hit the houses in N's neighborhood. T wanted to go there because the neighborhood up behind the barn is fancy and he was hoping for large sized candy bars. They ended up with a pretty good haul of candy.

T as an upgraded Master Chief. It turned out pretty well and I was happy with the paint job. It was a much brighter red than at the Corn Field maze. I used a spray paint made specifically for plastic, which not only worked on the hard plastic, but also on the fabric. Much better than the Krylon.

R went as Jack Skellyton from Nightmare Before Christmas. 

I had really hoped that we could ride outside tonight, but the wind said NO! Ashke was happy to hear me when I got there. Listen.

He whinnied like that when I walked up to his stall, as well, but I had already put the phone away. N wanted to let them run before we tried to ride. The wind has been so bad they've been totally locked up in their stalls the past few days. We took them to the outdoor arena and set them loose. We had a good solid two minutes of galloping without slowing down. Left them both puffing a little bit.

The ride was decent. Ashke and I did half a circle of the indoor arena in each direction at a canter, turn on the forehand, turn on the hindquarters, and sidepassing, all in both directions. We struggled to find a smooth, rhythmic trot though. He was distracted by all the other horses. It's a decent arena, but it feels really crowded with 9 horses and riders in there. I'm pretty sure it wasn't helped by the fact that there were jumpers in the indoor, dominating the space. I got pissed off right off the bat by the trainer, who didn't make any freaking sense at all in what she was asking of me. Riding pissed isn't fun.

Tomorrow, T and J are biking with me and Ashke. I figure we will do a lot of trotting and maybe some canter. I'm hoping it will be clear and calm. We need to get out.

And then on Sunday, I really am pulling for Bear Creek. N is nervous, but I am confident.

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