Thursday, November 7, 2013


Rode with N in the indoor tonight. Rachel was there with a couple of students. Ashke was very good at what I was asking him to do and our walk-trot transitions are becoming more solid. We did several circuits in both directions and Cassandra, who had just finished a lesson, told me he was looking more solid at the canter, but I needed to get his butt up under him. She said his trot was excellent and he looked really good, but that I needed to soften and ask him to lift at the canter. She acknowledged it was going to be hard for him.

Rachel, who was watching, said he looked really good, and really happy.

I worked him to the right. Then to the left. Then to the left again. And then back to the right. On the fourth ask for the canter to the right, Ashke went about a quarter circle, broke his canter and then picked up the left lead. I slowed him and discovered he was done.

We had hit our physical wall. He couldn't even trot collected after that.

We walked it out and I sprayed his back and right butt with Sore No More and fed him lots of carrots.

J has said she will come out and video us on Saturday morning, so I will have some cantering videos on Saturday.


  1. Beautiful horse! He has a cute face too! = )

  2. I've been checking out the blogs that belong to people who have commented on mine and I'm so happy I did. Your blog looks so interesting. Ashke is gorgeous! I love your header picture. :) I'm following from now on!