Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends!! Thanks for reading and sharing and riding and being part of my life. 

So, note to self, . . . make sure your trainer puts your lesson in her cell phone.

When we got to the barn I saw Cassandra's truck there and knew she had a lesson between 6 and 7, so I wasn't worried about it. I got Ashke out (letting him lick on my shirt and hands because he is so much happier when he can lick me), and realized he had hurt himself sometime between Monday night and Weds. Silly horse looked like he slid into the electric fence with his right shoulder. He has a three inch by half inch spot on his chest where the hair is gone and his skin feels abraded, plus there was a strip across his right shoulder where the skin was gone and he had a welt. He wasn't lame, but he also didn't want us touching it. He was in turn out on Weds, so I figure he was being a goofball and hit the fence. It didn't seem to effect his movement, although he really got tired of us touching it, so I got him groomed and saddled.

We got to the indoor right at 7 pm and discovered that no one knew where Cassandra was, even though her truck was outside. J, who was there to videograph my lesson, texted her and discovered she was at the hospital with Darcy. Darcy and Armani (her freaking huge warmblood - swear that horse is almost 18 hh) had a mishap that involved the mounting block, a head thrust by Armani, and Darcy's meniscus tearing in her knee. Cassandra had driven Darcy to the hospital. She had also forgotten we had a lesson at 7.

No biggie. I had the arena to myself and was committed to riding my horse. J got some excellent video. I will have some commentary about my performance.

We are working on rhythm at the trot. Ashke really wasn't interested in bringing his head down and he kept trying to find things to spook at, which I just ignored. I thought that our ride was decent, over all.

In this one we demonstrate our work on leg yields, backing, turn on the forehand, turn on the hind and our sidepass. All are a work in progress.

Our first canter to the left. He looks better than he feels. I will be so much more comfortable once he gets his head a little lower. At least last night we didn't have a run away in either direction.

Last night was the first time I felt like my body is beginning to remember how to ride the canter. I was much more balanced and a lot less afraid. I also didn't have to hold on as much.

First time to the right. Ashke was so much better last night, although I was more tense to the right. I need to relax and trust him. At least, we had forward without insanity.

The final time to the right, Cassandra had made her way back from the hospital and came in to apologize. We rescheduled for next week and they we cantered again. It didn't go as well. Cassandra reminded me that Ashke will react to my emotions, even when I don't realize I am having emotions. Performing for my trainer is going to make me more emotional.


Overall, I was very happy with our ride. Ashke is so done on being in the arena and on Friday N and I are riding the mesa so we should all be happy on Friday. Saturday we go back to see Diane. We shall see if I am right about what we need to adjust.


  1. You two are such wonderful partners!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! We read your post earlier and J wants to 1. Rock Climb and 2. Fly fish with you! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Give all of yours hugs and kisses from all of ours!