Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two Nights

No pictures, unfortunately, since J and T refuse to travel to the barn during the week. Not that I blame them. It makes for a long night if I go home before going to see Ashke.

I rode on Monday and Tuesday night. Both nights I could see a slight short stride in Ashke's RH, but couldn't feel it once I was riding him. He was willing and tried really hard to hold himself in a frame.

Our walk/trot transitions are getting better. He only tried to pop up a couple of times both nights and both times I slowed him to a walk, shortened my reins, and asked again. On his second ask, he always lifts into the nicest trot. We've started working on moving faster at the trot, varying our speed, while not falling out of the frame.

The indoor arena has been fraught with danger, though. Boxes got moved from their usual position and Ashke, Cali and Jimi were all convinced it was going to eat them. Both nights. On Tuesday, we added the stress of a horse in a jumping lesson with Cinnamon. There's nothing like trying to work calmly and collectedly on your stuff while a big rangy black monster gallops around in circles jumping a 3' oxer. I really need to change the days I ride to avoid the jumping.

During one of our trot sessions Ashke must have been feeling especially good, since his tail was straight up in the air. I also forced him to keep walking while he pooped. We need to break that habit if we want to do Working Eq.

It feels like Ashke is gaining power and strength with each ride. On Monday we did a short amount of canter (he stumbled to the left) but on Tuesday we just did trot-walk transitions. There just didn't seem to be enough room for cantering when there is jumping going on. Towards the end I stopped to one side, kind of in the middle, and got two really good turns on the forehand in each direction, a couple of really good turns on the hind, including what was almost a spin to the left, and several great sidepasses in both directions. I used the dressage whip positioned at his shoulder to help cue him to move his shoulder over, but I didn't really even touch him with it. As soon as he knew what I was asking, he stepped over. I think it was the first time he has crossed his front legs moving in both directions.

I didn't want to leave you without some kind of eye candy. Here is a video of Lili not wanting to go into the kennel this morning as we were leaving. She is such a sweet dog and I love the sound of her tail when she is trying to talk me into leaving her out.


  1. My Lily gets on my bed, which is a no-no, and flips over showing her underside, trying to look irresistibly cute too. It's hard. I was pulling for your Lili to stay out of her kennel the whole video :)

    1. I would try leaving her out but the last time that happened one of them ate my iPhone. And last night when J was cleaning the patio (ten minutes max) one of them got two sharpie markers off the table and chewed them up all over the dog bed and hard wood floors. So, it's not happening, no matter how darn cute they are.