Friday, November 15, 2013

Just Cuz

1. Favorite thing about riding? My favorite thing about riding is when we are exploring a new trail or route. I love the adventure of it. I think Ashke loves it too, since he is all ears and wide eyes.

2. Draft horse or pony?
I hate ponies. I love Clydes. And Friesans. And I hate ponies. Well, Tinka was okay, but for the most part ponies are asshats. And by pony, I mean anything under 13 H, and of pony heritage. I'm not talking small horse. Fjords are small horses. Some arabians are small horses (under 15H). I'm talking shetlands. Hate them. Have a list of reasons.

3. English or western?
Calvary style saddle with English stirrups and a bucket for holstering your lance. And a scabbard for my saber. Never western though. I hate the stirrups on western saddles.

4. Dressage or Hunter/Equitation?
Dressage. This has been the beginning of an interesting journey. I can see the difference it is making in Ashke's body already and we have only been doing this for a couple of months. I like that it gives us something to focus on and homework to practice.

5.Green horse or trained horse?
Smart horse, then it doesn't really matter. I would take smart and sharp green over dull and slow trained.

6. Worst fall?
That did the most damage? Getting thrown in Yellowstone in 2006. From my childhood? The fall the winter of my 14th year. Both times damaged my back. The fall in Yellowstone also damaged my soul.

7. First fall, what happened?
First time I came off was the first ride on my shitland pony. He grabbed the bit and raced under all thirteen apple trees. The pad saddle slipped and I was riding him sideways. I finally let go right before my head hit an apple tree trunk. Did I mention I hate ponies?

8. Have you ever wanted to quit riding?
I did quit. It just didn't stick. I stopped riding for 20 years. I even said the words that I will never ride again. HA!

9. Favorite thing about your horse?
I don't have just one . . . how smart he is probably top of my list. And how he licks my hand.

10. Least favorite thing about riding?
When I purchase tack that I figure out later, really wasn't the best option. Going through this right now with my Backcountry Gloves. I always manage to figure out I need something else right after the first purchase gets stomped on, dragged through the mud and ripped or torn in some place and can't be returned. Bleh.

11. What does the fox say?

12. Do you prefer to ride inside or outside?
Of the horse? Can you ride inside? Seems like it would be dark and smelly. Not to mention unpleasant for the horse.

13. Do you show?
Not yet. Maybe some day.

14. How long have I been riding?
My mom has a picture of me in her belly on a horse. She was about eight months pregnant. Since then.

15. Why did you start riding?
Why do we breathe?

16. How many times do you ride a week?
My goal is 4. Twice during the week and twice on the weekends.

17. Have you ever fallen off at a show?
Nope. I haven't shown under saddle since I was sixteen though.

18. Ever fallen onto a jump?
Don't jump. Don't have any intention of jumping more than the small jump for the obstacle course for Working Eq. Hopefully, I won't fall off then.

19. Ever been bucked off?
47, 974 times. And counting. Sometimes I bailed on purpose, but that was to avoid the fast approaching clothesline.

20. Do you have a private or group lesson?
I do one-on-one lessons with Cassandra. They are held in public though.

21. In your opinion does it make you less of a rider if you don't own a horse?
I think it makes you less of a horse owner.

22. Trick riding or Eventing?
Is this a trick question?

23. What discipline do you want to try? Why?
"Do, or do not. There is no try." ~Yoda
I am doing dressage. I would like to do Working Eq.

24. Ever had barn drama?

25. How many barns have you been to?
Abandoned? Falling down? To photograph? To explore? Or to board at?
To board at - two.

26. Do you plan on having horses in your life, for the rest of your life?
I would like to, yes. Is it in the cards? I try not to guess. I am taking it one day at a time.

27. Favorite tumblr equestrian?

28. Favorite tumblr horse?

29. If you could ride any famous horse who would it be?
Secretariat in the Triple Crown. I wanted to be a jockey when I was young.

30. Does winning ribbons matter to you?
It did when I was young. I have no idea how I would feel about it now, although I know myself well enough to know that if I compete I would like to be good enough to be taken seriously.

31. Worst riding experience?
The trail ride at Yellowstone. The two hours of riding after tearing muscle, bruising my kidneys and spleen and rupturing the disc at the L5 vert were the worst two hours of my existence.

32. Ever been on a trail ride?
I live for them.

33. Hunter or Jumper?
I hunted when I was young, mostly duck and Canada goose. I did high jump in High School. I don't really like doing either.

34. Ever wanted to buy a school horse?
Nope. I rode my horse to school on the last day, several years in a row, when I was in Elementary School, however.

35. Ever ridden a horse 17+ hands high?
I sat on our neighbor's Clydes. Didn't really ride though.

36. Ever ridden a horse 13hh or under?
Ridden a Fjord. Rode ponies when I was younger.


  1. ROFLOL!!!! Number 33 is HILARIOUS!! I love your sense of humor. :D

  2. You know I'm 100% a western rider, love English and ride English occasionally, but Western is just....gah, western is my heart, lol. BUT I do prefer English stirrups. I think they help me keep my heels down. I have seen some super thin, English-like stirrups for a western saddle on a website though.

  3. I love your sense of humor and laughed so much with some of your answers! My fave is #15. Well said!