Sunday, October 6, 2013

Table Top

We got to ride out today. The pictures tell it better than I can. Most of our ride was on top of Table Mountain Mesa and I had a wonderful time. N is even thinking of doing the entire circle route with me, provided we have food and water for our ride. That would be amazing, considering how difficult it is for her to deal with heights.

Heading out to the trail with N on Cali and B on Jimi.

We ran into Liz on the trail. She took a couple of really great photos. 

Quick breather on the trail up to the top. We rode up the fire access road. Met a couple of volunteer park rangers who were yelling at bike riders for us.

We stopped for a photo op. 

Jimi is a six year old Sacred Indian grandson. He is Paint and mostly TB. Really nice horse. He hasn't trail rode much, but did great, including crossing two bridges for the very first time.

Coming to the edge. The trail we were following went down into the canyon, which we didn't want to do, so I bushwhacked us across country (lots of rocks and cactus) back to the trail. 

Ashke's back was wonderful today. No pain. We worked on our dressage stuff while we rode, just like N does with Cali. It was fun and he seemed to be more willing to try when I asked.

What a great photo of N and Cali. 

B and Jimi at the edge.

We rode around the top of the Mesa to the road down. It was way too steep for me to even consider. I was off and leading him, with N joining me. B got about a hundred yards down and got off too. Her easyboots didn't fit Jimi's hind feet and were hurting him on the downhill.

We were gone two and a half hours and made about 7.5 miles. I didn't get a picture of the map because I changed the app before I did.

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