Monday, October 21, 2013

Rocky Mountain Rider's Rescue Rub

A couple of months ago, a blogger I follow, Stacey Kimmel at sponsored a give away. The prize was a jar of Rocky Mountain Rider's Rescue Rub. I entered because she was looking for the best "train wreck" story and I can't resist telling a story. Imagine my surprise when I was contacted and told I won the contest.

The Rub came in the mail a couple of days later and I put it in the bathroom. One night I tried it on a sore spot on my body and was less than impressed. It didn't feel like anything. I might as well have rubbed lotion on my back. In my defense, I am a child of Icey Hot and Tiger's Balm, both of which provide a sense of warmth and relief, even if my back feels worse the next morning. My Pavlovian response was expecting the same type of warmth with the Rescue Rub and was disappointed with the results.

The little tub sat on my counter for another three or so weeks.

By then, my back was pretty much killing me. For those of you without chronic back pain, I'm not sure there is anything worse. My back hurts when I stand up wrong, when I sit, even when I sleep, and although I can mediate it so it doesn't hurt as bad, sometimes, it is pretty much with me all the time. I have a BOT back brace that I use that really helps, but the muscles in my lower back are always in pain. Luckily, I don't think it's the disc, so much as the muscles on both sides of my spine and across my pelvic girdle that are an issue. Riding dressage moments, especially where I refuse to allow my body to list, slump, tilt, or otherwise compensate for my physical limitations, has put a lot of strain on those muscles. (This is all left over from the Yellowstone trail ride and the muscles that were ripped and damaged in that fall. Of course, it didn't help that the chiro told me to cut out all exercise, even walking. That left laying on the couch and eating as a method of exercise, which I am paying for now.)

Anywho, a couple of weeks ago my back was hurting so bad I decided to try the Rescue Rub. I slathered it on my lower back and the side of my torso where the muscle has torn free from my hip bone and created a hard ball at the edge of my ribs. I liked the subtle fragrance, although I was missing the intense heat of the before mentioned rubs. I also liked that I could take my contacts out without turning my eyes into pools of streaming anguish (I never remember to take them out before puttting the rub on my body. Slow learner, that.) I curled up in bed and fell asleep.

And woke up the next day with no pain.


I'm a believer. I'm telling you - BEST STUFF EVAH!!!

This shit is the best stuff ever. I don't know about rubbing it on my groin, the way a user did in their review, but I do know that I am using it after I ride and finding a great deal of relief. I'm going to try it on my shoulder and see if it helps with the crunchy cartilege noise that wakes me up at night. J asked about putting some on her back and I was reluctant. I mean, who really wants to share?

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