Thursday, November 26, 2015


Seemed appropriate.

I'm thankful for my boys. For my sweet, smart, loving, funny, kind, handsome kid who blows me away with the man he is becoming on a daily basis.

And for my bright, beautiful, eager, inquisitive, curious, co-being.

Ashke is thankful for extra hay, heavy blankets and shelter against the wind.
He was especially thankful for the extra feed of oats, TC Senior and carrots I dumped in his bin.

I am thankful we seem to have figured out the hives thing and changed the food we are feeding the dogs. Hives are gone and Lily has finally settled, which means I'm sleeping through the night.

Yes, Lily is special.

I'm thankful for a woman who loves to go outside as much as I do, who is willing to put up with the expense and the time away from home that keeping a horse requires, who doesn't mind washing horse blankets and equipment in the washing machine in between our regular batches, and who understands when I start to jones for the poneh.

Even in the snow

I'm thankful for a friend who loves to trail ride, who is willing to brave the weather, who never gets upset by the foibles of the trail, who loves to explore, who doesn't mind riding the same trail more than once, and who is easy to hang with. And for Eddy, a true trail poneh.

Ashke is thankful for Eddy too.

I am always and forever thankful for my mom, who listens whenever I call, who doesn't mind just hanging out with us, who loves the Broncos probably more than I do, and who facilitated my obsession with horses from the time I was old enough to ask for one. 

It's always better when we win.

Thankful for my job and my boss and having a career I enjoy. I'm thankful for those people I have met through this blog, who enrich my life on a daily basis, for the stories we share, and the heartaches. I'm thankful for those that have become friends and who share their personal stories on a daily basis. I'm thankful for my BFFs - the one on the East Coast and the one on the West Coast - for their sanity, their ear, and their willingness to share their lives long distance for me. I am thankful for the Goddaughter and the Goddaughter to be, for their mother who has known me for longer than anyone else in my life, and who makes me laugh. I am thankful for our Tia and her dedication to maintaining her relationship with my son. I am thankful for the continuing health of all of my loved ones, for our pets and Ashke.

I am thankful I live in an area where I don't need to worry about my country bombing me, where we at least have the opportunity to advocate for a better way of living, where things aren't perfect and a lot of things could get better, but we have the laws and structure to make change.

I am thankful for the world around us, for the trails and beauty that comforts my soul every time we ride out in it, regardless of season. I recognize my connection to the world, to the process and evolution of the world and my place within it. I am thankful for those that are raising their voice in support of the environment and the need to make changes, not to save the world, but to save ourselves.


  1. Love you, lady. You are one of the people I am especially thankful for. <3


  2. Love You and am very thankful for you and your them too. I am thankful for our relationship, and for your beautiful wife who always makes me feel welcome in your home. I am especially thankful for the relationship with you son which you and J always go out of your way so That I can spend time watching him grow-up Love Mom