Thursday, November 5, 2015


Ashke has been deliberately taking his hay (the part he doesn't like, in my opinion) and throwing it on the floor of his stall. And then peeing on it. Because my horse hates splashing urine on the shins of his hind legs, which were badly marked by pee scald when I got him. Which, in his defense, is exactly what I told the BO he would do if he didn't have shavings in his stall.

When I got to the barn last night, this is what I found:

Shavings on the floor of his stall, covering his urine spot.

Hay on the floor next to his feed bin that he has removed for future use.

This horse is smart. He is pulling the stems out of the feed bin and then moves them to the middle of the floor to pee on. He's eating the flake from the hay first. 

I guess the BO hates wasted hay more than she hates shavings. She did text last night saying she had forgotten about the conversation about him needing a non-splash area to pee and will be moving a large pile of sand into the bottom of his run. If that doesn't work, then they will put shavings on top of the sand to train him to pee outside. 

We will see who wins in this little game: especially since Ashke already has them trained to put shavings in his stall.