Monday, November 16, 2015


Growing up, I spent a lot of time hunting rocks. My mother's father was a rock hound who hunted rocks, sliced them into slabs, cut out cabochons, shaped, grinded, and polished them into nice pieces, then set them in jewelry. He did some silver work settings for rings and necklaces when he was younger. My father dabbled a bit in the stone hobby, with a place in our very scary basement where he ground, shaped and polished pieces of rock into pretty decorations for string ties. One of the first pieces he made was a piece of obsidian mixed with water agate with a seahorse shape in the clear agate color against the black background. I've had it since I was twelve.

So, for me, my fascination with stones and rocks has a long history, rooted deep in my childhood, and perhaps before. I have always been attuned to the energy in rocks. I can tell when they have been treated well, shaped with love and intent. I am drawn to some based on their energy and for the years when I was struggling with depression, I carried a piece of smoky quartz in my pocket. I have always believed they have the power to heal, to comfort, to protect and to guide.

Crazy, right?

This week there was an article in the science magazines. It was about a new form of bacteria they have just discovered that eats electricity as it's food source. More specifically, they eat and breathe electrons. They EAT electrons harvested from rocks and metals. They are bacteria that live in stone. They are the first non-sugar based life form we have discovered. Scientists have learned they can stick an electrode onto a rock, charge it with electricity and these micro-bacteria swarm out of the rock to eat the electrons. They've already identified at least 10 different species of this bacteria and the research has just started. Talk about mind blown.

However, it does support my belief that there is energy in rocks. Energy that we can tap with our own. Life that should be honored and acknowledged, even if it's on a micro level. That is why I make the bridle charms that I do, mixing and matching the energy of the stones in such a way that they support and enhance each other. In my own way, I am following in the footsteps of the rock hounds before me, but with a twist.

I am also very aware and particular about the stones I choose to wear. Currently, I have several pieces of amber, one piece of sugilite (it's purple), and a piece of fossilized dinosaur bone. The stone I wear without fail, however, is moldavite.

From Crystal Vaults website:
                             "It is a stone of greatness, etherically carved of spiritual fire and
                               destined for purpose. This mysterious green talisman is star-born,
                               formed from nature's violent meteoric impact with Mother Earth.
                               Etched by force and flame as it fell from the heavens Moldavite returned
                               to the earth's surface transformed, a glass of amazing delicacy and
                               grace ready to serve humankind."

They believe that when the meteor hit in the Czech republic, it threw pieces of meteor and pieces of earth back up into outerspace, where heat and force combined the two and they fell back to earth as this stone. A man who has a high end rock shop (like one of a kind pieces of rock and jewelry) who I have purchased a lot of my moldavite from calls it Coke bottles from Heaven. I discovered it thirty years ago and a really nice piece has the same effect on me now as it did thirty years ago.

 Piece of Moldavite I found in Estes Park last weekend when we took mom there.
Hands down the most powerfilled piece of Moldavite I have ever worn.

Moldavite's energy causes me to spin, like vertigo, tipping everything around me on it's axis. It raises my temperature, causes me to flush and on the day that I got this piece, caused my eyes to dilate and expand. It feels like it expands my conscious, extends my empathy, and brings me more in tune with my animals and people. It increases my ability to do energy work, to focus a circle and to aid in healing.

It is a dark green with folds and rivulets in the surface of the stone.

It has a deep, warm green when you look through it at the light. 

The ring I got in Solvang commemorating my week with Mom on her 70th birthday.

Moldavite and citrine

The piece of worked Moldavite I got for our wedding in 2013. This was my marriage necklace.

My very first (well second) formal piece of Moldavite jewelry from Crystal Galleries in Boulder.
It is Moldavite and chrysocolla. The first necklace like this that I had, the energy from the Moldavite dissolved the piece of chrysocolla. When I revisited the store in Boulder, the owner replaced it for me.

The energy of Moldavite reawakens our connection with the earth and the universe, opening our eyes to the wonders of our world. It increases sensitivity to guidance (spirit guides), telepathy, and strengthens intuition. Riding yesterday while wearing my new stone helped strengthen my amazing connection with Ashke. Although, it also increased his energy. I think the blowing and snorting he was doing half way through our ride, was as much an acceptance of the energy I was carrying as it was relaxation into the work. 

This stone is not for everyone. Some people feel sick. Other feel really dizzy or lightheaded. Still others might want to cry or rage for no reason. Be aware if you decide to check it out. Also, there are plastic copies on the internet (eBay for sure) so be careful when purchasing an item online.

As for me, I want the scientists to stick an electrode onto a big piece of Moldavite and see what kind of microbacteria swarm to eat the electrons, because I am pretty sure there are a bunch of extraterrestrial bacteria living in my stone.


  1. This is fascinating! And your moldavite is stunning.

    When I was little, my family was very much into stones. They still are, but not with the same intensity as back then. I always wore rose quartz as a child and later on in my teens it was fluorite. When I turned 21 and my life became the most chaotic it has ever been, I turned to moonstone. The very first one I owned found me in a store when I wasn't looking, at the moment when I needed it most. It was carefully blessed and activated specifically for protection.

    My life turned around shortly after that.

    And when Carlos came into my life, with his own share of chaos following in his wake, I gave him that stone. He still has it around his neck. He has had it for 11 years and it has done for him the same thing it did for me. My mom immediately gave me another moonstone to replace the one I had given Carlos, and I did the same thing. It was a yellow moonstone and not as powerful, and one day it simply fell off and I was unable to find it again. My mom always said that when an individual stone has become fully charged with the energy it is protecting you from, it falls off. I replaced it with a blue moonstone, very similar to the one Carlos still wears, and is the one you saw when we met. I never, ever take it off.

    1. Stones are amazing. I love that you wear a moonstone.

      When I first met J, she thought I was whacked out about the energy in stones. She hated my necklace. As time went on she began to relax a bit. Then when T was about two, I got her a piece that had blue moonstone in it, along with fox claw. She was so taken by that necklace and was delighted when I got it for her. We were talking later that day about stones with a friend and J said something about having been wrong about them. When our friend questioned her, she said that she had always thought I was crazy for thinking a stone could make you dizzy, but now she believed. I looked at her questioningly and she said that she was spinning, wildly, endlessly, from the moonstone on her necklace. Bwahahahaha.

  2. The earth is so full of wonders, magic of its own and surprises and yet people think we have it all figured out. Bacteria in stones that eat electrons is really amazing. I know very little about stones, but I don't doubt that they have energy all of their own.