Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 Mom came out to take pics.

 She took 53 and then decided that was enough.

(it was - Thanks Mom!!)

 I am deep in thought. Ashke is wondering what the hell is taking so long.

 Sporting the bling

 Walking to warm up.

 Working on our halt, followed by backing up.

 Messing with my reins

 Working the trot


 I love the look on his face.

 Working on 10m trot circles, with the neck reining request

 Ashke's not sure he wants to back up

 He twitches his lips when he concentrates

 Falling asleep at the trot

 I really wish the camera had not focused on the trees behind us. 

 I think we were halting here. 

 Turning around

 Our canter

 Sidepassing over the pole

 Going to his right is always harder.



Aside from the pictures, today was about Ashke and I figuring out the bit. He did pretty good until the end. I couldn't figure out why he was fighting me so much until I got back to the barn. There were two dime sized rubs on either side of his mouth. The curb strap (the only one I had) was leather, with the buckles at each end, and almost 3/4" wide. The leather right at the corner of his mouth was four layers thick and it had no give. It took the skin off.

I feel horrible. It's my responsibility to make sure the tack is working correctly, and although I checked it, it still failed. I washed it well and treated it with triple antibiotic. Then I went  out an bought a new curb strap that is much thinner, with plenty of room to adjust for his small chin, and only one buckle in the middle of the strap (in the back). We will see how that works.


  1. Ashke is gorgeous! My favorite photo is "cantering" since it captured his movements so perfectly. You both look great together.

  2. Beautiful pictures! You guys look lovely together. :)

  3. Great pictures! Ashke looks so sharp in his new bridle :)

  4. Your mom did a great job!
    Love the bling. Blue is Ashke's color.

  5. Love these pictures!! Especially the cantering one! That looks like a dressage winning canter right there. Maybe you finally found the magic bit!!