Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Destructo Dog

We have one very, very old boxer who always seems to be on her last breath, and then she finds her fiftieth wind and just keeps chugging on. We also have two Malinios-Boxer mixes. Lily and Skittle. They are sweet and funny, fierce protectors and fraidy cats, expressive and emotive, comical and loving. They are wonderful dogs. Except for the fact they chew. Everything they can get their big mouths around. We kennel Skittle (she actually loves her kennel and go to it willingly) but Lily gets locked in the dining room with Guinness, because she barks non-stop in the kennel (as well as pants and drools saliva all over herself). In an attempt to defuse her anxiety at being left alone, we are leaving her out (and to prevent tickets from our local animal control for a nuisance barking violation).

Today, Lily got on top of the bar and helped herself to a brand new package of tortillas.

This is what happened when I confronted her about it:

I just can't be mad at this face.

PS. Skittle just got totally stressed listening to the video.


  1. I LOVE HER. LOOK AT THAT FACE! "Sit on the mat of shame." ...I lost it.

  2. Hahaha! I so needed that laugh this morning, thank you!